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A drawing of an Underpants Gnome doing Mr. Burns's evil "excellent" pose.


What in the hell IS this, anyway‽‽‽

What else do you need beyond awesome artwork & interrobangs? Honestly, there's nothing else to see here, people.


…Still not satisfied? Okay, fine. This is the official website of Underpants Gnomes LLC, a Denver, CO company owned by Dogbert Prime, which provides generally internet-related services to the other companies & websites owned by DP, both presently & prospectively, so as to consolidate things e.g. domains & hosting in one place. Being as the company was created with absolutely no intent to serve any clients other than himself, Dogbert decided to name the company Underpants Gnomes, because why not.


I hope you enjoyed the Mr Burns Underpants Gnome I drew. If you think you can do better, draw one and email it to: {gnome in charge} at {UnderpantsGnomes.us}—obviously, I typed it that way to avoid spam; I'm surmising that if you are a real, live human who stumbled across this site you are smart enough to know how to type it as a real email address. If I actually get some submissions, I might add another page to feature them.